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Maria Galloway


Jewelry and photographic cards by the owner of pm gallery. Maria had owned pm gallery since 1980 and has been a Columbus resident since the early '70s. She makes her home within walking distance of the gallery.

Her current work is inspired by her favorite places and times. She also makes lampworked beads and incorporates that work into jewelry.

Photographs of the Short North, made into note cards. Available as a set.

Inspired by the luscious beads coming out of the Czech Republic. Maria found some two holed beads and tracked down the factory. And got blown away, but the colors, the styles and the whimsy. She rarely uses the beads as intended, preferring to push their limitations. Many of these pieces don't hang in a standard, orderly way. They instead ripple and flow around the neck, and may be different each time they are worn.

Inspired by the desert Southwest.

Inspired by the Deco period, the thirties, and parlour mysteries. 

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