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The Poirot Collection


Beaded necklaces inspired by Agatha Christie's Poirot. Semi-precious stones combine with Austrian crystal, foil lined, & seed beads for a retro elegant look. Lengths vary from 17" to 25" long. 

Made in Columbus, Ohio by Maria Galloway


They have nothing to prove. Semi-precious stones combine with glass beads to create an elegant statement.


The Ladies are delicate, with pearls, semi-precious stones, but still some glass, if it is classy. They are understated, solid, elegant.

The Aunts

The Aunts travel, bring home foreign husbands, divorce them, welcome visitors in the wee hours and can be found serene in their beds with a cup of cold tea on the nightstand while their guest sleeps under the 15th century tapestry in the middle of the library floor. They don't care what you think of them, so long as there are kippers for breakfast and their traveling companions can have access to the kitchen to make curries for tea.

The exotic ladies, often passing though, seeing spirits, rattling cages, being slightly inappropriate, and yet we are sorry to see them go. Often seen in company with The Aunts.

The Secretaries

The secretaries are reliable, but not adverse to a little fun. They would never flaunt a gift from a suitor during the day, but at night the bright colors come out.

The Help

They work hard for that one night off, so they do like a bit of finery when going out to meet the other girls for tea and a bun. Nothing too austentatious that might make someone think they were going above their station and not too cheap looking. They are all good girls, after all.

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