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Sandy Corbett

Sandy was a Columbus artist, jeweler and longtime employee of pm gallery. She passed away in 1999, at the age of 50, after a long illness that left her diminished in body, but not in spirit. Her work embodies that spirit, her love of the ethnic, tribal and exotic. The color black. Jewelry that jingles when you move. In this era of retro, she was the real thing. A hippie who loved hard, fought hard, was passionate and a little bit of a crazy maker. Despite her pain and limitations, she had a joy for life until the very end.

Sandy's work is all cold constructed and uses precious materials next to common. The petroglyph designs are all authentic, mostly from the American Southwest, and hand painted on wood, leather or polymer clay. The beads are from around the world: horn and bone from Africa, stones from Asia, shells, metal and pottery beads from everywhere. 

I hope you will also find joy in her work.

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