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Artist Submission Guidelines

We are only looking for specific types of work right now, since everything needs to be shipped. Fine art, in general, is not needed. 

I only represent artists and artisans from the US and Canada. No exceptions. I am talking to you, glassworker from Africa who really wanted a wife (although the goats bleating in the background was pretty cute) (true story).


I am currently looking for: 

  • Potters, glassworkers, metal workers and people making weird things out of natural materials local to me in Florida

  • Potters in general, especially functional

  • Glass workers, especially ornament and marble makers

  • Surprise me. 'Cause you never know.

If you think I might be interested in your work, fill in the form below and describe your work concisely in the message area - including a link to images of your work. If you do not have a website or social page, upload images to a host like imgur and send me the link.


If you just want a critique (here it can be fine art), I can often do that, too. I won't mince words, so be prepared. And remember - it is my opinion, not a judgement from a higher being. Just don't be that guy who thought his painting of three soup cans was better than Warhol's cause it had three instead on one (also true story).


If I decide your work is a good fit, I prefer to buy the work outright, since consignment is messy without a physical location, so be prepared and have a price list.


If you have any questions, please go ahead and ask.

Thanks for submitting!

Submission Form:

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