Florida is now our home!

Unpacking the inventory has been challenging, with some things eluding us. Others are revealing themselves and spurring me on to get them photographed and up for all to see.

2016-10-20 11.50.42.jpg
sturgill cat dance031.jpg
Gray x-large red metallic.jpg
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orange cylinder vase.jpg
2016-12-10 13.43.51.jpg
hard to disguise eggplant.jpg
2015-06-23 18.23.21.jpg
2015-12-27 15.34.54.jpg

What we offer:

Fine work by American artisans shipped out within 24 hours. We have over 2000 unique items, many one-of-a-kind, with detailed descriptions and the best images possible. Just about everything comes with a gift box and information about the artisan. Ideally you would be choosing in person, but that is not how the world of commerce works now (plus it is fun to shop at 2AM.)

Our inventory is limited by our transition to Florida - but since we have made the move, in addition to the marbles, ornaments and sun catchers, jewelry, magnets and switch plates, the rest of our inventory will be available soon! Stay tuned for details!

pm gallery

contact:  maria@pmgallery.com

located in Robbins Lodge in the Long South, 

just over the railroad tracks off old Highway 17

Our Short North location closed permanently on August 10, 2018.

We are now online only, but if you are ever in our bit of rural Florida heaven, email Maria and we can open the north porch for you!