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What A Year

Sisko splooting

It has been almost a year since we closed our doors, ending our run as the oldest gallery in the Short North Arts District. Since then we have moved a lot of inventory south to Florida, sold a lot of stuff online, gotten rid of fixtures and ephemera, had good days and bad days and walked the dog a lot. He still does not understand why we don't go to work anymore and gets expectant when I take my vitamins (that was our signal for leaving for work). Poor puppy.

We are optimistic for the future. Florida is both going home and exploring new frontiers, for me and for Sisko. For Michael it is a long awaited real retirement and he is planning on sitting on the hill watching the water change color and spotting the alligator as s/he makes their daily commute.

I am looking forward to supporting new artists, having a more tropical outlook and trying to not get too freckled. High on my list is finding new ornament and marble makers!! My two favorite things!! (Of course, I also want to get more work by our current artists too)

Stay tuned for developments as our story continues.


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