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Gallery Hop 2017

Much has changed since the 30th Anniversary of the Short North Gallery Hop.  Cranes and construction dot the district and the developers have informed the galleries that we are no longer an arts district, but an entertainment district. This is heartbreaking and short sighted. It is a short term solution to a long term problem. If your goal is making quick money and then abandoning an area - then yes, an entertainment district is the way to go. Look at City Center, The Continent/French Market, The Brewery District, Park Street, South Campus. This has had the developers intended goal. The gallery owners are demoralized. I am demoralized, so we are retiring after nearly 38 years in the Short North. The combination of stagnation, aggressive panhandlers (worse than in the early '80s) and lack of vision on the part of those calling the shots means I have lost hope. Hope and vision is what always kept me going. Leaving a legacy in the city of accessible arts. The arts is what separates Homo Sapiens from Neanderthals. Homo Sapiens painted their caves. They painted themselves. They felt a ritual connection to the earth AND to their community. They felt empathy. And these are the traits that gave them an evolutionary advantage. When you minimize art, minimize community, minimize empathy, you minimize civilization. And you end up with an entertainment district. It was fun while it lasted. I am very proud of the work that we did here and hope you had a good a time as we did!

Gallery Hop 30th Anniversary


The Short North Alliance and Galleries in the Short North Arts District are preparing for a year of celebration to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Gallery Hop, the District's flagship event.

What began in October 1984, as the Cooperative Opening, among galleries and other retailers in the burgeoning Short North Arts District evolved into Gallery Hop the following year. It became an instant success, spawning the revitalization of what we now call the Short North Arts District.

Maria Galloway, owner of the District's oldest continuously operating gallery, pm gallery, recalls that "before the Short North was the Short North, it was already an arts district. By 1980 several galleries and artists' studios had found homes in the dilapidated buildings, lured by low rent and the possibility of something exciting. By 1982 the neighborhood was re-branded as the Short North Arts District and the arts were recognized as the driving force behind the redevelopment," she said. "Today, the arts very much remain at the heart of the Short North, whether it is in a traditional gallery space, a coffee house, an office, or a salon. The art of fashion, the art of food, the art of entertainment are all here. The Short North is still evolving, and yes, still exciting."

Short North Businesses, Columbusites, and visitors alike are invited to share in this important milestone in Columbus' oldest arts district with a year of celebratory activities and initiatives starting at the next Gallery Hop on October 4, 2014.  

Beginning in October, Gallery Hop gets a facelift with a 30th anniversary commemorative logo. "In its history, there has not been a cohesive visual identity for the event," said Betsy Pandora, Executive Director of the Short North Alliance. "We were excited to work with Fulcrum Creatives to create this fun play on the word 'hop' that thoughtfully links in key imagery in the District. Business can use this branding long after the 30th anniversary year concludes."

To further add to the festivities, the Short North Alliance is partnering with Short North retailer Homage, to produce a limited edition 30th Anniversary throwback t-shirt. Shirts will be available starting in late fall and will be sold by the Short North Alliance as well as at all Columbus Homage locations while supplies last. Proceeds from shirts sold by the Short North Alliance support ongoing promotional efforts for Short North Galleries.

In addition to the new Gallery Hop visual identity, the Short North Alliance is kicking of a new promotional campaign called Start with Art. The campaign includes graphics, messaging, and unified promotions of the hundreds of incredible and diverse arts experiences found in the Short North Arts District. Start with Art will both articulate the history of the neighborhood as an arts district and reinforce the creative experiences that visitors can engage in throughout the District beyond Gallery Hop.

The Short North Alliance and gallery owners are also partnering with WOSU and Short North-based video production company Bookbag Video to produce profile videos of the gallery owners outlining the diversity of artists and art forms they showcase.

Planning for a celebratory event is also underway for late Summer 2015.

Sharon Weiss, owner of Sharon Weiss Gallery credits much of Gallery Hop's early success to pioneering actions of Sandy Wood and The Wood Companies. Reflecting on her twenty years in the Short North Arts District, Sharon said that her "art gallery has had the privilege of being a part of the continued growth of the Short North. Thriving art galleries, the best restaurants Columbus has to offer, New York City-like boutiques, outstanding special events, and stunning condos and apartments have all come in great part due to Gallery Hop."

"It is no small feat for an event to have the longevity and sustained popularity of the Short North Gallery Hop," said Michelle Brandt, Owner of Brandt-Roberts Galleries. "While the arts and culture segment of our city continues to grow in both scope and stature, the mainstay of Gallery Hop is a reminder of our inception and progression as a distinct arts community."  

On the heels of a recent Forbes article which ranked Columbus as number one for best places to make your mark, Duff Lindsay, owner of Lindsay Gallery notes that his "friends who own galleries in New York and Chicago can't believe that a city the size of Columbus has an arts event of the magnitude of our Gallery Hop... and it only gets bigger every year!"

Visit for additional information on 30th Anniversary activities all year long.  


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