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This isn't easy for me. I am not the blow-your-own-horn type. And this enterprise was never just my baby (just mostly). But it is now. Here goes:

I was born in North Carolina to a peripatetic couple who were both Yankees (one NYC, the other Lake Chautauqua) who met in Florida, fell in love, got married and had a bunch of babies, of which I was the oldest. I realized recently that I am also a rainbow baby, as my older sister did not survive. Back then there was no word for that. Now, well, there is kind of a lot of baggage.

Anyway. North Carolina. My oldest brother was also born there and then I was informed (at about age 2-3) that we were moving to Virginia. Well. That sounded like the most beautiful place in the world and I was very excited. Not so much after the move. It was lovely, but not like how I imagined. Also, it was Lynchburg, which is kind of a thing. Another brother was born. I was part way through kindergarten when we moved again - to Orlando. This was WAY before the mouse, and it was a completely different city. Great library, beautiful parks and we lived in a trailer park surrounded by orange groves. Another brother was born. After five years we moved again, just a bit farther north, to my grandmother's property. Space was made for the trailer and we settled down for four years before a quick stop in Alabama and on to Ohio. After a few years my family moved to Texas without me. I had met Michael and was done with moving. Why all the moving? Dad worked for the government once we came to Florida - and was with NASA. When the space program shuttered all the NASA guys went into the military side of things. 

It all started in Ohio. I decided I wanted to have a gallery. My mother was a sculptor and a graphics artist. I had always been "crafty" and had made candles for many years. That was how I met Michael. He was selling his paintings at a show in the suburb where I lived. He thought I was cute and followed me to my booth. Then he found out I was 16. So, that wasn't gonna happen. Two years later we reconnected at the same show and that was that.

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