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Borosilicate glass flared mini cups, each with playful striped decoration. Also great little vases!

all cylinder diameters are approx. 1.75" diameter


green/blue/pink 3.25" rim diameter, 2.25" tall

orange/blue 3.25" rim diameter, 2.875" tall

blue/pink 3.875" rim diameter, 2.5" tall

pink/taupe 3.5" rim diameter, 3.5" tall

blue/green/red 2.875" rim diameter, 3.75" tall

pink/blue 3.375" rim diameter, 3.25" tall


OT Glass Mini Tinis

  • Made by Otter Rotolante of Oregon. Borosilicate glass, fumed with silver for a golden overtone, and decorated with fish and other undersea creatures. Designed as a wine cup, this glass will also work as a highball or juice glass. 

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