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blown glass marble is 1.875" diameter

Josh Simpson Glass Medium Planet Marble

  • Josh says "I like to pack Planets with more information than the naked eye can possibly see. I've always been fascinated by technology. I couldn't begin to build a micro-chip but some of the spaceships circling my planets probably have as many discrete elements as one. With planets, I incorporate many Venetian glass techniques, such as murrini (mosaic glass, also known as millefiori) and vetro a filigrana (filigree glass, also called latticino). These ancient traditional techniques are just where I start. The cores of Planets are full of bubbles, threads, and kaleidoscopic patterns evoking unseen landscapes and underwater worlds. I know I've succeeded when you feel like you have to look closer at one of my little worlds and then lose yourself in its textures and color."

    Made in Massachusetts by Josh Simpson

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