Orange - 3.75" tall

Black - 3.5" tall

Olive Green coils - 4" tall

Dark Green - 3.75" tall

Olive Green leaf - 3.5" tall

Yellow - 3.75" tall

Purple - 3.5" tall

Red - 3.75" tall

Turquoise - 3.25" tall

cork adds 1.125" to height

Harry Leaf Wine Corks

  • High fired clay goddesses, some with bowls, some without. Our selection always varies with these one of a kind beauties, so call to see what we have.

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located in Robbins Lodge in the Long South, 

just over the railroad tracks off old Highway 17

Our Short North location in Columbus, OH closed permanently on August 10, 2018, after 38 years of urban pioneering.

We are now online only, but if you are ever in our bit of rural Florida heaven, email Maria and we can open the north porch for you!

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