Susan Sturgill


Susan is a Columbus artist. Back in the 1970s she sold her original drawings, then she discovered offset lithography, which enabled her to sell more of her work at a great price. The next step was limited etchings, which she produced start to finish. What we are offering is a small selection of the offset lithos and an even smaller selection of the etchings. Susan has retired from full time art, but still has a loyal following. 

Rarity Alert! We just got in a very limited selection of ORIGINAL ARTWORK! They were commissioned by Les & Betty, owners of The Dell restaurant back in the '80s and '90s, for their newsletter and advertising. Also in the batch is a couple of etchings, one with handwritten text explaining the joke (lol). Look for all under "Rarities" at the bottom of the page.

paper dolls polar bear047.jpg
Poles Apart

penguins & bears


not completely extinct


the never ending struggle

The Ladies

zoftig & sassy

The Whole Shebang

etchings, lithos & originals in one place

God & Angels

such divinity & sly jokes


endlessly fascinating

Music & Science

sometimes it is hard to tell where one ends and the other begins


original drawings & more


no cheezburgers


ah, the miseries & joy


no free lunch, alas


the reproductions that started it all