Tattly Temporary Tattoos - Fauna

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$4.00Sale Price

dapper reynald 2.675" X 2.875"
miss kittah 2.25" x 2.75"
t-rex 2.25" X 1.5"
coral butterflies 3" X 5"
bunny 1.75" X 2.375"
rabbit 1" X .875"

  • About the work:

    Tattly started with a mother faced with a lot of terrible choices who decided she could do better. Thus the temporary tattoo grew up and became an art form of its own. The kid type tats can be bought at any dollar store, but why paste a rainbow heart balloon on a kid when they can have a heart made of bicycle chain? Or a peacock? Or a skull & crossbones? I know which I would have preferred as a kid. And still prefer, since I am not committed enough to get the real thing. So, roll your sleeves up and make a statement. One that will last for between 2 and 4 days. Enjoy!





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