OT Glass shotglasses - Fish

OT Glass shotglasses - Fish

orange fish approx. 2.625" tall
pink fish approx 2.75" tall
2 stripe fish approx 2.875" tall
pink with purple fish approx 2.75" tall
squiggle stripe fish approx 2.625" tall
spiky fish approx 2.75" tall
stripe fish  approx 2.75" tall
star fish approx. 3" tall
skate approx. 2.75" tall
big eye fish approx. 2.625" tall
  • About the work:

    Otter Rotolante, or OT, makes his home in Oregon. He works in borosilicate glass, adding colored glass to make his undersea scenes. The gold hue is created by fuming the glass with silver, and in sunlight, as these images are, the opalescence is incredible. 

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