Italian Village T-Shirts

100% cotton
Colors in the images are not true. The red is less orangy and the green is a tad more yellow. Plus, your monitor is going to be different.
  • About Italian Village:

    Italian Village was founded in 1972 by neighborhood activists who were fighting urban renewal and trying to revive the lost art of inner city living. Affordable housing stock, proximity to the University and Downtown made the area very attractive to forward thinking people. Originally populated by strong Italian, Irish and African American communities, many of whom were factory workers at Jeffrey Mining and other factories or railroad workers. The remaining churches reflect that time with Sacred Heart for the Irish Catholics and St. John The Baptist for the Italian Catholics being only one block apart. The Italianate architecture, a mixture of predominately brick to the south and frame to the north, is what decided the name for the area, more than the ethnicity of the original occupants.

    Italian Village is now a very popular neighborhood with many new infill homes and renovated 100 year old dwellings, many of which had been converted into rooming houses before being returned to single family status. The residents are still active in community affairs, caring about the neighborhood and really good cooks.




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