Local Artists


from Ohio

Findlay, OH

Judy is a wood turner and a budding glass bead maker. We can't wait to see how she combines the two.

Columbus, OH

Maria is the owner of pm gallery as well as a jeweler and glass bead maker.

Columbus, OH

Richard is also a former worker at OSU and a bit of a Renaissance man. He is interested in music, art of all sorts and, more recently, hummingbirds and photography. All of his photos are taken in his back yard and none are altered. Cool.

Columbus, OH

Michael is a graduate of OSU's fine art program and also a retiree of the OSU carpentry shop. He is highly influenced by fall colors, the tropics and spiders. 

Columbus, OH

Susan is a self-described drawer. She draws. And then she etched. We carry examples of both, even though she is now retired and working as a librarian (my dream job - sigh).

Columbus, OH

Full disclosure - Paul recently moved to Maryland, but he was a lifelong resident of Columbus & still has a lot of fans here. We are happy to claim him.

He works on plywood, mostly scrap, uses house paint, mostly rejects, & manages to make work that is hard to classify. Paul is walking his own road, bringing humor, non-sequitors, puns & talking animals to living room walls for over 30 years.

Columbus, OH

Charles is a self-taught painter who is now venturing more and more into three dimensional work, sometimes adding them as elements of his work.

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pm gallery

contact:  maria@pmgallery.com

located in Robbins Lodge in the Long South, 

just over the railroad tracks off old Highway 17

Our Short North location closed permanently on August 10, 2018.

We are now online only, but if you are ever in our bit of rural Florida heaven, email Maria and we can open the north porch for you!

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