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Featured Artists

Lawrence and Audrey Goldsmith

Columbus, OH

In Memoriam

On July 24, 2021 we lost co-founder Michael G. Secrest after a long illness. He was Maria's husband, JP's and Eli's dad, Unkle Munkle to a slew of nieces and nephews, a musician and songwriter, a painter, a student of philosophy and an avid gardener. He will be sorely missed.

On July 27, 2021 we also lost Sisko, our store dog of almost 10 years. He had a wonderful life, being a free range Southern dog, then a leashed and harnessed Ohio dog (who loved the snow SO MUCH but was freaked out a little by traffic) and then back to a semi-free range Southern dog. He went from being well to being very sick in one day and we could not let him suffer. He was a good boy and that would have been bad for everyone. He is now at rest under the hill marked with a stone that says WELCOME YOU ALL, a stepping stone left over from my grandparents' summer camp. I think that is completely appropriate.

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