Glass can melted in a furnace, blown & shaped, often by a team of artisans, in a process called The Dance.

It can also be worked over a torch by a single artisan, creating works of singular beauty and function.

Some artisans use The Warm method, fusing glass in a kiln or slumping to create new forms.

Others choose to work cold, using cutting tools & lead cane to make windows and suncatchers.

All are making use of this ancient (& not completely understood) media in their own unique ways.

It is a close to magic as we get in the everyday world.

These vases look great with, or without, flowers


Glass is a versatile media. Sculpture, thus, is not a far stretch. The glass can be blown, pressed, cast, fused, poked, & cut. The finished product catches the light in a way that sculptural stone, metal or clay can't capture.

Sculptural Glass

Small ornaments. Both in size and price with most under $20.00. In glass, of course, but also metal and porcelain.

Small Ornaments

​When you say "ornament" a certain image of a light glass ball comes to mind. These are more than that. There are more shapes than round, more colors than can be imagined, some light, some heavy, some for windows, some for trees. Collect them all. 


​The classic suncatcher - perfect for a sunny window. 


How many objects d'art started out as toys? Early marbles were made of clay or stone. Now most marbles are made of glass & are miniature examples of the artisans' skill & craft.


Once an end-of-the-day whimsy, ornamental glass balls have now become a much enjoyed decorative element. 

Witch & Friendship Balls

Fused glass is heating the glass enough that the separate components fuse together and become one. Slumped glass takes a single piece of glass and changes its shape. Pate de verre is casting powdered or frit glass in a mold.

Kiln Worked Glass

​Elegant & functional. These goblets, tumblers & shotglasses make any beverage a special occasion.


​Paperweights are a decorative item long past the original function of keeping your papers from blowing away, helped by artists pushing the envelope past function to fine craft. 


Functional & decorative, blown glass perfume bottles have been decorating dressing tables for millennium. 

Perfume Bottles

Produced over a torch, lampworked glass is generally smaller than furnace glass - but not always. These artists are pushing the limits of glass using rediscovered & industrial techniques.

Lampworked Glass
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